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Feb 28, 2021


Dear Friends and Concert Supporters:


It still appears that it will be months, not weeks, before we can again gather to listen to music in a house concert setting; and even then, social distancing and other health related protocols will be in effect.

I am attempting to follow the work done by a committee dedicated to the safe reopening of musical venues and tailoring that work to the specifics of the concerts here at the house.

In the meantime, a great many in OUR “demographic” have had a deuce of a time getting our Covid vaccine(s). Personally, I signed up on over ten wait lists and logged on and checked for availability well over 200 times.

But now a bit of good news, the word is that this coming week, starting tomorrow, UT will have an additional 6,000 shots available for those in the 1A and 1B category. If you, like a lot of the house concert audience want a vax, please follow the instructions in the image below. There are a lot of yo-yos out there trying to offer vaccinations who are totally disorganized, UT really has their ca-ca in order. So, go for it!

Please note, the info says "to ALL Texans", not just students and faculty.

Stay well, but not good—there’s not enough time left to waste.


Paul B.

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